Drum Winch

Key Features:

• Ideal for lifting decoration battens and lighting bars.
• Digital control system offers precise control with the ability to position and program complete winch motion sequences.
• Adjustable to customer’s requirements- tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of each customer.
• Innovative wire rope clamps engineered for enhanced reliability.
• CE Marking – complies with European safety standards.

Design and Installation:

The Drum Winch incorporates cutting-edge technologies and is custom-adjusted to the unique needs of each customer. The installation kit includes a control system and comprehensive documentation. The winch’s versatile design allows for both vertical and horizontal mounting, and its precise geometry minimizes the overall drum size. In instances where direct installation is challenging, we can design and provide all necessary brackets and substructures.


The inverter in the control system reduces power consumption and ensures a smooth start and stop. The digital system enables control of multiple winches from a single panel equipped with a TouchPad and emergency STOP button. Optionally, the system can include precise positioning and programming of winch motion sequences and scene arrangements. It is flexible enough to expand control to other mechanical stage equipment, such as curtains and stage lifts.


Every component of the Drum Winch is meticulously designed to meet the highest precision and safety standards. We use field-proven subassemblies and certified raw materials. The CE marking ensures compliance with Polish and European laws and standards.


-decoration battens
-lighting bars

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