Drum winch

• Ideal for lifting decoration batten and lighting bars
• Digital control system with possibility of positioning and programming complete winch motion sequences
• Adjustable to customer’s specific requirements
• Innovative construction of wire rope clamps
• CE marking

The drum winch has been designed on the latest technologies and at each time it is adjusted to specific needs of particular customer. The installation kit includes also a control system and required documentation. The winch has been designed to be mounted either vertically or horizontally, while its precise geometry allowed to reduce the overall drum size. In cases where it  is not possible to install the device directly we are able to design and provide all necessary brackets and substructures.


The inverter used in the control systems contributes to reducing overall power consumption and provides a smooth start and stop. Digital version of the system allows to control multiple winches from a single control panel equipped with TouchPad and emergency STOP button. Optionally, the system can be added a feature of precise positioning as well as programming winch motion sequences and scenes arrangements. The system is flexible enough to be expanded to control other pieces of mechanical stage equipment, e.g. curtains, stage lifts, etc.


All components of the Winch WB have been designed with the highest precision and in compliance with all applicable safety requirements and provisions. We use only field-proven subassemblies and certified raw materials. The CE marked Drum Winch WB conforms to the Polish and European laws and standards.


Equipped with a batten pipe (with optional telescopic booms) from which decorations and theatrical scenography may be hung.
Equipped with aluminium truss, whose cross-section is typically triangular, used to distribute the wiring of light control systems. While the truss is in motion all the wires are guided by spring-driven cable reels, cable baskets or special pantographs.

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