Stage Machinery

The success of many theater performances, concerts, and cultural events hinges on the seamless integration of modern stage mechanics and solutions. These advancements enable the convenient control of curtains, dynamic changes in decorations, stage traps, and lighting.
Our stage mechanics and technology solutions are meticulously crafted with a keen focus on every detail, using high-quality materials to ensure product reliability and safe usage. The diverse range of solutions caters to both small community centers and larger facilities, offering functional equipment options. With extensive experience, we provide devices and accessories perfectly tailored to specific buildings, meeting customer expectations.

We can offer:

-Curtain Mechanisms: facilitating the seamless opening and closing of curtains.
-Drum Winches: utilized for lifting decorative poles and lighting bridges.
-Tubular Beams: designed for permanent installation in auditoriums, serving multiple purposes such as backstage, decorations, spotlights, or curtains.
-Theater Poles: ideal for suspending decoration and scenography elements with vertical lifting capabilities.
-Lighting Bars: offering vertical movement and serving as platforms for attaching lighting devices.
-Stage Trap Lifts: essential for configuring the stage layout and transporting decorations and instruments.
-Cable Drums: enabling power supply to moving stage equipment.
-Cable Baskets: necessary for powering lighting bridges.
-Control Systems: tailored to the individual needs of users, ensuring efficient management of stage mechanics devices.
-Serapid System: serving as a reliable drive system for cranes, hoists, trapdoors, and stage trolleys.

For any inquiries or assistance in choosing the optimal solutions, our team is ready to offer expert advice.

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