We create space for Art.

For a quarter of a century, BSC System has been at the forefront of seamlessly blending technology and art, delivering specialized products and services in the dynamic theatre and stage technology industry.

As one of the largest, most innovative, and prolific stage design manufacturing companies in Poland, BSC System has left an indelible mark on over 140 concert and theatre venues. Our workshop, manned by seasoned experts, craft bespoke stage machinery that pushes the boundaries of innovation.

We are proud producers of portable stage platforms and mobile theatre stages with curtains, setting a benchmark for reliability and TÜV Nord certification. Our platforms, easily assembled by two individuals in under two hours, redefine convenience and efficiency.

BSC System assumes full responsibility for the entire process – from design and production to assembly and servicing. With confidence and ease, we tackle the most challenging tasks, ensuring that every product and service is delivered at the highest level.

Our repertoire includes a comprehensive range of stage solutions – mobile platforms, theatre stages, stage elevators, revolving stages, electric platforms, winches, portal and lighting bridges, curtain mechanisms, control systems, and other bespoke stage equipment.
Join us on a journey where imagination takes center stage, and discover a world where our passion for stage technology transforms dreams into reality.

Experience the Fusion of Art and Technology with BSC System!

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