Decoration batten

The decoration batten is used for suspending all types of decoration and scenography that travels  vertically. It is mounted above stage, sometimes also above proscenium.

Very often the decoration batten is used for hanging masking elements: wings and horizons. A curtain suspended on a batten can be raised but only when the fly space is sufficiently high

Our company’s stage decoration battens  are produced of steel pipes of ø 48,3 mm or truss batten depending on a load. A batten pipe or truss (duo system) is suspended to a stage winch with attested slings.

WB drum winches are most frequently used for lifting battens of minimum lifting capacity of 250 kg.
The decoration battens are also provided with a hand drive of a lifting capacity from 100 to 200 kg. The winch with a crank propulsion is then mounted to the side wall of a stage at the height of 120 cm.

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