Portable dance floor

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A portable dance floor is a versatile and practical addition to the event infrastructure of restaurants, hotels, clubs, and event agencies. Its ability to adapt to various settings makes it an invaluable asset for organizing dance events, banquets, social gatherings, weddings, and other celebrations. A portable dance floor provides the flexibility to transform any space into a dance-ready environment.

Event agencies benefit from the versatility of a mobile dance floor when organizing various functions. The ability to easily configure and relocate the dance floor opens up possibilities for dynamic event planning, accommodating different themes and layouts.

Restaurants and hotels can optimize their space for events by having a mobile dance floor. The floor can be set up and removed efficiently, allowing venues to maximize seating arrangements during banquets and transform into a dance space when the occasion demands.

Clubs and entertainment venues thrive on creating memorable experiences for their patrons. A mobile dance floor contributes to a lively atmosphere, encouraging social interaction and providing a dedicated space for dancing, thereby enhancing the overall guest experience.

Event organizers can choose a mobile dance floor that complements the theme or color scheme of specific celebrations like weddings or social meetings. This customization adds a touch of elegance and contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the event.

The ease of installing and dismantling a mobile dance floor streamlines event logistics. This is particularly valuable for time-sensitive occasions like weddings and banquets, where quick turnaround times between different segments of the event are essential.

Key Features:

• The panels feature a versatile design, facilitating effortless assembly and disassembly. They can be installed on various surfaces, including carpeted floors.
• A robust aluminum frame forms the foundation of the panel structure, ensuring a seamless fit and precise right angles between elements.
• Crafted from varnished natural oak mosaic, the topping adds a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic.
• The aluminum profile of the frame acts as a safeguard, preventing deformation of wooden elements in adverse conditions, such as moisture or temperature changes. It also protects edges during transportation.
• Latch connections eliminate the need for additional screws, streamlining the installation process.
• Each panel is equipped with a felt finish on the back, providing protection and ensuring adhesion to the permanent floor.
• The aluminum side trims are anodized in a sophisticated brass color, enhancing the visual appeal.
• The package includes a dedicated trolley for convenient storage and transportation, making the entire setup highly portable and user-friendly.

Technical data:

Dimensions: 95 x95cm
Weight: 14 kg
Height: 26 mm
Surface: Oak Surface lacquered as standard
Storage: 30 panels on a special transport trolley.

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