Mobile theatre stage

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The multi-purpose theatre stage is a complete, easy-to-use and professionally-looking solution containing all necessary theatre equipment including curtains. It’s the perfect solution for any event.

A complete MOBILE THEATRE STAGE system consists of the following elements:
• portable stage platforms with water-resistant and non-slippery plywood, certified for fire resistance (other on request),
• accessories: plug-in legs (fixed or adjustable height), quick connectors, clamps, stairs and handrails,
• light, aluminum construction creating the so-called stage box (with telescopic lifting system),
• main curtain mechanism with manually operated mechanism,
• a complete set of theatre curtains.

Our MOBILE THEATRE STAGE can be assembled by just two people. The stage equipment allows every school, kindergarten, community center and other cultural institutions to quickly build a universal podium. Thanks to its modern and aesthetic appearance, each performance, concert, show or academy will take on a more professional character and provide spectators with many unforgettable artistic experiences.


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