BSC ELECTRIC stage platform

Stationary stage platform with electrically driven scissor mechanism

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BSC ELECTRIC stage platform is a device for automatic adjustment of the stage topography. The platform has an electrically driven scissor mechanism. For safety reasons our BSC ELECTRIC stage platforms use self-braking screw mechanism.
The universal design allows for installation both on a reinforced concrete base as well as on a steel substructure. The top layer of the platform can be finished with any material, e.g. parquet, non-slip plywood, boards, or glass. Innovative solutions enable high stability in any working position and precise positioning of the platforms working in the group.

All platforms are manufactured by our company in Poland, in accordance with EU regulations and is CE marked.
Control takes place from a compact control panel equipped with a TouchPad LCD screen and an emergency STOP button. The control system allows for the driving of a single device or a group of devices. Thanks to a range of sensors, platforms can be positioned with an accuracy of 2 mm and a sequence of movements can be programmed for a given number of platforms.

The flexible structure of the system makes it possible to extend it to the control of other devices e.g. curtains, trapdoors etc.
All elements of the BSC ELECTRIC stage platform have been designed with the greatest attention to detail while maintaining the necessary safety factors. We use only tested components and materials with the relevant safety certificates. The electric platform meets the requirements of Polish and European regulations and is CE marked.

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