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Theatre auditorium seats

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Chairs are a natural complement to the offer of stage platforms, from which mobile and permanent audiences are built.
Chairs for the audience manufactured by our company have been designed to meet safety requirements in public institutions.
Both, the dimensions of the chairs and all materials used in their production meet safety standards and fire protection requirements.

• chair structure based on a steel frame powder-coated in all colours from the RAL palette; the paint used eliminates unwanted light reflection,
• seat and backrest made of hardwood plywood and highly flexible upholstery foam,
• chair upholstery made of TREVIRA CS fabric (fire protection class B1) with an abrasion resistance of 50,000 cycles; large colour palette available to choose from,
• the angle of the backrest and the depth of the seat allow you to comfortably watch the show for up to 3–4 hours,
• steel legs with a plastic cap,
• opening in the upper part of the backrest enabling convenient carrying of the chair,
• hook on the plate with the seat number at the top of the frame,
• a system of connecting chairs into rows that eliminates the possibility of them moving,
• an additional rear strip protects the chairs from sliding off the platform,
• 4 chairs on a standard platform 100×200 cm
• stored in stacks of 7 pieces in 3 rows on a special transport trolley,
• the chair meets the requirements of the PN-B-02855:1988, PN-EN 1021-1:2014, PN-EN 1021-2:2014 standards in terms of toxicity and flame retardancy.

The width of the chair, which is 48 cm, ensures the optimal number of seats, which can be easily predicted by building the audience with standard 2×1 m stage platforms

Our standard railings are designed to prevent chair legs from sliding off the audience platforms.

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