Folding dance floor

Designed for use in hotels, restaurants, clubs, dance schools and event agencies for organization of dance events, banquets, social meetings, wedding parties and other celebrations. The elegant oak panels not only create a comfortable space to dance but also protect the floor or carpet of a venue  where the event takes place. It’s easy to mount and dismount and can be stored in a minimum space.


– universal structure of panels  enables easy and quick assembly/disassembly,  possible to install on even surface including carpet
– structure of panels is based on a solid aluminium frame that allows a perfect fit and right angles between the elements
– the topping is made of varnished natural oak mosaic
– aluminium profile of the frame prevents deformation of wooden elements, e.g. in the event of getting wet or the changes of temperature,  and protects the edges from damage, for example during transportation
– panels are connected with latches – no additional screws needed
– felt finish on the back of each panel protects and ensures the adhesiveness to the permanent floor
– aluminium side trims anodized in brass colour
– special trolley for storage and transportation included in the offer.

Technical data:

Dimensions: 95 x95cm, felt finish on the back of each panel
Dimensions of trims: side trim 95x 10 cm, corner trim 110×10 cm
Weight: 14 kg
Height: 26 mm
Construction: aluminium frame,  hemp board 19 mm
Surface: oak mosaic 7 mm
Side trims: aluminium, anodized in brass colour
Storage: suggested to store up to 30 panels, one on top of another on a special transport trolley.

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