Stage platforms PS BSC

Universal modular stage platform with removable legs of fixed or variable length

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PS BSC modular stage platforms are in compliance with DIN EN- 15 921: 2015-09 standard (Stage technology – Aluminum platforms and frames), which was confirmed by the TÜV Nord certificate. Professional stage systems delivered by our Company have passed all technical inspections and attestations accepting its use in the member countries of European Union.

The load capacity is 750 kg/m2.

The offered staging system and accessories was designed by Polish engineers – experienced specialists in the theatre and stage technology. Using many years of experience and observation of other available stage podiums, we have managed to create a new product which combines the best features of stage systems existing on the European market and at the same time maintains an attractive price and a very high quality.

It is recommended for building of various types of indoor stages and auditoriums in different kind of entertainment venues (e.g. theatre, university auditoriums, sport halls, etc.) and outdoor portable tribunes/grandstands with the height from 0,2m to 4m. For structures higher than 168 cm, additional leg reinforcements (so-called bracing) are required.

Every stage platform is equipped with 4 universal corners for attaching plug-in legs, made of aluminium or steel profiles of following dimensions: 40x40mm, 50x50mm, 60x60mm; and round profiles ø 50mm.

Technical data mobile stage platform

Dimensions: 200 x 100 cm (others measurements and shapes available at request)
Weight: 45kg (platform with waterproof, anti-slip surface)
Load capacity: 750 kg/m2 (7.5 kN/m2) – evenly distributed
Leg dimensions: from 40x40mm to 60x60mm, ø 50mm
Frame height: 80mm
Material: aluminium, wooden plywood

Height: any fixed height in the range from 8 to 168cm or stepless adjustable height in the ranges: 40-60cm, 60-100cm, 100-160cm, 100-180cm, 120-200cm; very high constructions up to 400cm obtained by using additional bracing and special connectors.

Board (top): standard 21mm thick plywood, certified for fire resistance, plywood is waterproof and non-slip;
on request: beech veneered board, varnished; carpet, PVC, oak mosaic, parquet and others.

Storage: suggested up to 20 pieces one on top of the other on a special transport trolley  (i.e. 40 m2 stage can be stored on 2 m2 surface).

Assembly: the aluminium square-profile legs are placed in the corner and screwed together with a thumb screw; the leg is securely installed in the corner within special “T” clamping element.

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