BSC LIGHT stage platform

Light mobile stage platform with insertable legs of fixed or adjustable length

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BSC LIGHT is a mobile stage platform specifically designed for portability.
Light in its construction, this stage platform is recommended for building various types of indoor and outdoor stages and auditoriums in different kinds of entertainment venues with a height of up to 1 m.

The platform surface is made of a 12 mm thick water-resistant and non-slippery plywood (HEXA type) certified for fire resistance.

The connection of the platform frames is realised by our quick couplings. The fastening element is made of a specially designed aluminium profile.
The frame connector is held securely in place by a specially designed built-in screw so that a very stable connection is created between the frames.

All types of platforms are compatible and can be combined with each other. Extremely strong aluminum side profiles are used to rapidly connect platforms and to assemble additional equipment: steps, wooden masking plates, railings, ramps, etc. The platform frames are made of aluminium profiles bolted together, which makes the complex stage structures rigid  and stable even on uneven ground.

The platform size: 1×2 m, 1×1 m.
The load capacity is 600 kg/m2.

BSC LIGHT stage platform is in compliance with DIN EN- 15 921: 2015-09 standard. It has passed all the technical inspections and attestations accepting its use in the member countries of the EU.

It is a TUV verified product.

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