BSC PNEUMATIC stage platform

Stationary pneumatic stage platform with scissor legs

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BSC PNEUMATIC stage platform is designed for stationary indoor use, enabling the stage height to be changed instantly, giving the potential to turn a flat one-level floor into a multi-level auditorium.

BSC PNEUMATIC stage platform has scissor legs and is equipped with gas cylinders to assist in raising and lowering.
The height of the platform frame is 80 mm, the filling is made of fire resistant non-slippery plywood (other finishing on request) with pluged holes for lifting operation purposes.

BSC PNEUMATIC platform has a locking system allowing for it to be set at varying heights in a 20 cm gradation (from 20 cm to 80 cm). The locking system is released by two keys inserted into the mechanism from the top of the platform on both shorter sides.
The platforms are permanently fixed to the floor by means of system levelling plates.

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