Stationary stage platforms Alu Top


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The scissor-type platforms Alu Top are mounted permanently. They are installed in a specially prepared pit in concrete or terrazzo tiles. To this base, which aligns the ground to achieve stability of the legs of a platform, steel plates (mounting brackets) of 8 to 10 mm are mounted, to which then the legs of each module are screwed.

The 5-milimetr gap between the platforms ensures its smooth raising or lowering as the frames are not rubbed against one another.

Special keys, inserted to the locking system from above through the platform’s plate, enable the height adjustment. Its start is facilitated by special gas springs.  Platforms can be locked at a fixed height. Standard heights: in increments of 16 cm from 2 to 3 cm or of 20 cm. Platforms are operated by 2 persons.

After being dismounted, platforms Alu Top are aligned completely with the floor.  A stage can be lifted shortly before an event.

Technical data

Dimensions: 200 x 100 cm (other upon request)
Load-bearing capacity: 250 kg/m2 (7,5 kN/m2) – uniformly distributed at all heights
Material: aluminium, wood
Platform heights: in increments  of 16 at 2/3 cm or of 20; maximum 100 cm
Plate (top): plywood with beech veneer or attested fire resistant, waterproof and non-slip surface
Assembly: permanently in a special pit at the depth of 17 or 20 cm

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