The SERAPID system serves as an advanced drive system, meticulously designed for lifts, hoists, trap lifts, and stage wagons. This electrically powered system adheres to the highest security standards, complying with the Machinery Directive and current regulations on machine and device construction, especially in the realm of stage technology equipment. Devices equipped with the SERAPID system can proudly bear the CE mark.

System Technology

The system comprises rigid chain columns, typically using two or four columns depending on the application. Each column consists of a pinion driving the chain and a chain tray. The chain’s design allows alignment in one direction, facilitating horizontal storage without the need for deepening the pit. Vertical alignment ensures high stability and rigidity.
The system includes an electric motor, emergency brake, a system of reduction drives, and drive shafts with clutches, tailored to the specific requirements of each case.

Operating Principle

Rotating pinions in each column cause individual chain links to interlock, forming a rigid and stable column. Two or more chain columns turned to each other eliminate the possibility of losing device stability. Additional guide lifts or scissor guides are introduced for stability. The entire drive system is self-locking and features an additional safety brake to prevent accidental movement in case of power failure.

Control System:

Trap lifts with the SERAPID system are equipped with an integrated control system tailored for specific applications. The power inverter ensures smooth start, stop, and variable speed control. The system includes an override control, requiring the continuous pressing of the ‘start’ button for lift movement. Release of the button results in an instant stop. Safety features include an emergency STOP button, and standard trap lifts come with a touchscreen-equipped control panel.

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