Choral risers

Choral risers

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Mobile stage platforms offer several advantages when it comes to building choir stage platforms or choral risers, providing both practicality and flexibility for musical performances and events.

  • They are designed for easy transportation and quick assembly. This is particularly advantageous when building choir stages for events held in various venues.
  • Choirs often require varying heights for optimal visibility and sound distribution. Mobile stage platforms come with adjustable legs, allowing for the creation of multi-level choral risers. This adaptability ensures that each choir member is visible to the audience and contributes to an organized and aesthetically pleasing arrangement.
  • Mobile stage platforms offer flexibility in designing different configurations for choir Whether arranging singers in traditional rows or circular formations, the versatility of these platforms enables directors and organizers to tailor the layout to suit the specific needs and creative vision of the performance.
  • Despite their portability, mobile stage platforms are built with durability in mind. Sturdy materials ensure stability, providing a reliable foundation for the choir. This is crucial for maintaining a secure and safe performance area, especially when accommodating a larger number of singers.
  • Mobile stage platforms allow for efficient use of space, making them suitable for both intimate settings and larger venues.

Conductor’s Platform:

A lightweight stage designed for optimal performance. The platform features a filling made of plywood with a beech veneer or certified fire-resistant, waterproof, and non-slip surface.
Supported by interchangeable aluminum legs, available in heights of 20 or 40 cm, this platform ensures adaptability to various settings.
Included in the package is a handrail measuring 100x30x30 cm, providing both safety and convenience for conductors during performances.
Upon request, we offer an extra step for the platform or protection for the legs (lambrequins/wooden modesty panel).

Standard dimensions for the Conductor’s Platform are 100 x 100 cm.

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