Folding exibition and trade fair floor

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• Effortlessly create ideal floors for fair stands, product expositions, or scenography with our portable frame-system.
• Quick assembly with minimal manpower, and concealed cables beneath its aluminum structure.
• Standard module dimensions are 100×100 cm, with options for smaller and triangular modules for customizable floor shapes.
• The aluminum frame not only safeguards the decking edging but also provides robust support.
• Compact when unfolded, making transport and storage efficient (occupies 1m3 for a 200 m2 floor structure).
• Easy removal of timber boards allows access to wires, cables, and installations underneath.
• Its stabilizing legs enable height adjustments in two ranges (9 to 13 cm or 16 to 20 cm) for leveling the center, corners, and edges.
• Height-adjustable panels and an adjustable foot system address floor irregularities, even after installation.
• For high loads, frames are braced with diagonal and cross brace inserts; additional support legs can be added to the center.
• Flush plugs cover adjusting screw holes, and the two-part edging includes a flat and angle profile for a seamless finish.

Technical data

Standard dimensions: 100 x 100 cm, 100×50 cm, 50×50 cm. Other sizes and shapes available upon request.
Load-bearing capacity: 500kg/m2 (without diagonal brace), 750kg/m2 (with diagonal brace) or 1000 kg/m2 (with cross brace)
Weight (with timber board): app. 14 kg
Frame height (without legs): 60 mm
Board thickness: 22 mm
Height: 9-13 cm or 16-20 cm

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