Exhibition and presentation flooring

Alu Plano portable frame-system to install exhibition flooring. Its construction allows to lay, within short time and with a minimum manpower, an ideal floor for a fair stand, product exposition in a store, or theatrical and television scenography. All cables and wires can be hid underneath its aluminium structure.

The standard dimensions of each module are 100×100 cm, however, also smaller and triangular modules to form any shape of flooring are available.

The aluminium frame construction both protects the decking edging and also provides a very strong frame support.  Unfolded it occupies little space what allows easy transport and storage (structure for 200 m2 floor occupies the area of 1m3).

A timber board can be removed from the aluminium frame easily with a lift even after the Alu Plano floor is assembled. It gives an easy access to wires, cables and installations that are underneath the floor.

Alu Plano stabilizing legs allow the height-adjustment (levelling) of the centre, corners and edges of the floor in two ranges: from 9 to 13 cm or from 16 to 20 cm.

Each panel is height adjustable, even after the installation is completed. The Alu Plano adjustable foot system enables levelling floor irregularities from the top with a special key.

For extremely high area and point loads, the Alu Plano frames are braced and stabilised with a diagonal and cross brace insert.  Additional support legs may be fitted to the centre of the frames.

Plugs provide a flush cover of the adjusting screw holes.

The two-part edging consists of a flat and angle profile of 90 degrees. The angle is screwed to the timber board while the flat follows the uneven floor line.

Technical data

Standard dimensions: 100 x 100 cm, 100×50 cm, 50×50 cm. Other sizes and shapes available upon request.
Load-bearing capacity: 500kg/m2 (without diagonal brace), 750kg/m2 (with diagonal brace) or 1000 kg/m2 (with cross brace)
Weight (with timber board): app. 14 kg
Frame height (without legs): 60 mm
Board thickness: 22 mm
Height: 9-13 cm or 16-20 cm

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