ELOZO cleaning cabinets

ELOZO cleaning cabinets are used for delicate cleaning of costumes, garments and clothing accessories by using effective, energy-saving and environment-friendly technology.


• clean all types of clothes, footwear and accessories
• effectively remove odours and microscopic impurities
• guarantee a perfect hygiene
• do not use water, detergents and chemical cleaning agents
• no drying or ironing needed after cleaning
• clean extremely delicately
• expand durability and lifespan of materials
• essential for the maintenance of valuable fabrics and accessories
• reliable and easy to use
• low operating costs
• cut cleaning-related costs
• environment-friendly


Elozo cleaning cabinets eliminate foul odours and bacteria that are difficult to remove by using traditional methods. The technology utilizes the natural power of active oxygen (O3). The excellent results in terms of hygiene are guaranteed without using water, detergents and aggressive cleaning agents.

This gentle cleaning method is ideal for delicate and valuable costumes, footwear, head wear etc., which can be damaged during chemical cleaning. This method can of course also be used for other garment and accessories. The delicate cleaning process helps to expand the lifetime and durability of materials.

Removal of body odours from the clothing is often more challenging than the elimination of visible dirt. Another problem is that clothes may be polluted while stored or be affected by other environmental influences.
Elozo cleaning cabinets facilitate and accelerate the cleaning process, they are reliable in use, and also guarantee a short cleaning time and quick and satisfactory results.

You do not have to care about drying or ironing or calling for external services. Elozo cleaning cabinets save your time and money. Low power consumption and environment-friendly operation is an additional advantage of these devices.

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