Dividing curtains

Dividing curtains divide large spaces, sports halls and multi-purpose arenas into smaller units.

Curtain material

– synthetic leather with PCV in light grey or beige colour
– PCV-free synthetic leather in light grey or beige colour
– Upholstery fabric with a fleece layer
– Net/leatherette combinations  (do not disturb the light and optic of large space, however, does not divides the space acoustically)


– installed near the roof trusses inside the ceiling
– installed permanently or equipped with the lifting mechanism
– lowered and raised manually or by electrical engine.


– safe in use (the CE and GS signs for proved safety and the TÜV approval of the system)
– equipped with the safety catch device that prevents the curtain against uncontrolled and rapid fall
– soundproof
– upgrade the acoustical conditions of sports halls (sound isolation between the divided hall-parts – 22dB)
– sound absorbing (the reduction of disturbing echo thanks to fleece layer of upholstery of the curtains)
– environment-friendly (free-PVC leatherette is recyclable, and in the event of fire does not emit dioxins
– longevity and trouble-free performance (about 10000 curtains of this type are used worldwide, the oldest has been in use from 1959!)


– TÜV certificate
– CE declaration of conformity
– General certificate issued by Building Control Office
– Confirmatory tests of sound-absorption of curtains with a fleece layer
– Confirmatory tests of isolation/sound-proof features of the curtains made of synthetic leather (with and without PVC)
– Confirmatory tests of sound-absorption of curtains with and without PVC.

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