Stage platforms – description of the system

Dimensions: in standard 100 x 200 cm, other non-standard dimensions (triangle, trapezoid, circle) available on request.

We produce any type of constructions designed by clients.

Height: fixed e.g. 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 cm or variable e.g. 60-100 cm, 80-140 cm, 120-170 cm; the  maximum attested height of a construction: 400 cm.

Surface: plywood with beech veneer or attested fire resistant, waterproof and non-slip plywood, transparent plexiglass plate, PVC, oak mosaic and board floor, attested carpeting, riffled plate and many more.

Loading capacity: depending on a model from 500 kg to 1500 kg per a stage.


– easy and quick to assemble and disassemble
– perfect yet simple connection system thanks to the couplings that ideally level and join platforms together
– extremely durable even when frequently used
– big, well-fitting plastic plug inserts to protect floors
– aesthetic appearance of all elements plus their reliability and durability are the effect of meticulous design with attention to details
– minimum storage area ( a stage of 120 m2 on an area of 8-10 m2)
– aluminium profiles on rims of platforms providing protection of delicate wooden edges
– robust wooden tops screwed “rigidly” to prevent noisy clearance  and warping of wood
– extremely strong aluminium profiles used for instant connection of platforms and installation of accessories: stairs, masking panels, handrails, ramps etc.
– screwed together extruded aluminium side profiles used for assembly of stage constructions make them stable and firm even if mounted to uneven ground
– in the event of damage, the design of platform allows easy and quick repair e.g. by replacement of a broken element
– all types of platforms are compatible and can be combined with one another
– certificates of load-bearing capacity of 750 kg/m2 , the TÜV certificate and the other EU certificates
– possibility to install in various combinations
– we offer practically all shapes, sizes, heights and the types of finishing

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