The BSC curtain mechanism serves as a reliable guide and drive system for both stage curtains and regular curtains. Designed with modularity in mind, it allows for versatile combinations of mechanisms tailored to specific applications. This flexibility makes it suitable for supporting stages in cultural facilities of varying sizes, accommodating both large and small venues.

The aluminum system rail has a remarkable load-bearing capacity while maintaining a lightweight structure. Roller bearing carriages equipped with polyamide-coated rollers ensure smooth and quiet operation. To enhance durability, drive ropes are safeguarded from dirt and mechanical damage by being channeled through internal rail channels.

Opening of the curtain is facilitated by drive trolleys and a specially designed DURMATT pulling belt.

Key Features:

• exceptional strength – the mechanism boasts a very strong structure specifically designed for theater applications, supporting a remarkable load capacity of up to 100 kg/m.
• arc bending capability – with the ability to bend into arcs with a minimum radius of 1m, the system provides versatility for creative stage designs and configurations.
• material overlap flexibility – offering the flexibility of any large overlap of material, the mechanism accommodates various curtain designs and compositions.
• internal rope guidance – the profile includes an innovative design for guiding ropes internally, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of the curtain mechanism.
• the advanced DURMATT drive transmission system – ensures efficient and reliable operation for extending and retracting curtains.

The track is made of aluminium profile designed to combine high rigidity, impressive load-bearing capability and minimal weight. Its innovative double-track system contributes to the reduction of overall structure dimensions, streamlining installation, and accommodating fabric overlaps of all sizes. Two channels with mounting grooves on the sides of the track offer a versatile range of fixing configurations. This adaptability allows for mounting on walls, various substructures, or batten pipes, providing flexibility in installation choices.


Innovative Soft Start/ Soft Stop System enables extending the lifespan of wire ropes, even in the case of very long tracks.
The DURMATT System stands as a dedicated solution to enhance the longevity of curtain fabric, ensuring its durability.
Users can choose between analog or digital control systems. Opting for the digital control system offers the convenience of TouchPad control. The curtain can be precisely operated and adjusted through an intuitive touch panel.
Upon customer’s request the system can be added a feature of positioning and programming motion sequences. The curtain can be controlled from a single, centralized control panel overseeing all stage equipment.

Drive system

There are two operation modes available – manual and electric.
Because the ropes are routed inside the profile, there is no need to use the tightening pulley in manual mode.
In the electric drive variant the motor is attached to the side of the track.
This design provides flexibility in motor placement, allowing it to be situated anywhere along the track. This thoughtful approach saves valuable space at its ends.

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