Curtain System

  • superior construction for theatrical applications
  • load-bearing capacity up to 100 kg/lm
  • can be bent in arc of min. radius 1 m
  • any size fabric overlap
  • wire ropes enclosed inside the track
  • power transmission system DURMATT

The curtain system MK-2T is designed to make the stage curtains travel. Its modular structure allows variety of combinations to fit particular application. Intended for general stage use in both large and small halls.
High load-bearing ability of aluminium guide rail at relatively low own weight. Wheels of rolling-bearing runners are covered with polyamide for quiet operation. Driving wire ropes are enclosed in channels inside the guide rails to protect them from dirt and physical damage. The curtain is opened with driving runners and special DURMATT pulling tape.


The track is made of aluminium profile designed to combine high rigidity, load-bearing ability and low weight. Thanks to double-track system it was possible to reduce the dimensions of the whole structure, to simplify installation and to allow handling all sizes of fabric overlap. Fixings are selected based on the actual needs. On the sides of the track there are two channels with mounting grooves to provide a range of possible fixing configurations. The tracks can be mounted to walls, any type of substructures or batten pipes.


Innovative Soft Start/ Soft Stop System prolongs lifetime of the wire ropes even for very long tracks, while DURMATT System ensures prolonged lifetime of curtain fabric. Analogue or digital control system available. In case of the second option curtain is controlled via TouchPad. Upon customer’s request the system can be added a feature of positioning and programming motion sequences. The curtain can be as well controlled from a single control panel joint for all the stage equipment.

Driving System

There are two operation modes available – manual and electric one. Because the ropes are guided inside the profile, there is no need to use the tightening pulley in manual mode. For electric drives the engine is mounted to the side of the track, therefore it can be placed anywhere along the track to save space at both track’s ends.

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