Alu Rapid V

Recommended to use for building theatrical auditoriums and amphitheatres and any stage construction at a height from 0,2 m up to 4 m.

It has a universal corner-socket to install aluminium or steel legs of profiles: 40×40 mm, 50×50 mm, 60×60 mm or round profiles, e.g. ø 50 mm.
These solutions ( in case of uneven surface or a mounting the platforms on stairs etc.) allow to adjust legs to a desired height by cutting it.
The stage constructions over 168 cm high must be reinforced with additional horizontal and diagonal bracings.

Technical data

Dimensions: 200 x 100 cm (also on request other non-standard dimensions available)
Weight: 36 kg (platform with beech wood surface)
Load-bearing capacity: 750 kg/m2 (7,5 kN/m2) – uniformly distributed at all heights
Leg dimensions: 40 x 40 mm, 50×60 mm, ø 50 mm
Frame’s width: 80 mm
Material: aluminium, wood
Height: all possible options ranging from 8 cm to 168 cm or smooth variable height adjustment with the ranges of 40-60 cm, 50-80 cm, 60-100 cm, 80-140 cm, 120 – 180cm, 120-200cm; very high constructions measuring up to 400 cm are possible to construct thanks to additional bracings and Alu Quick brackets.
Panel (top): in standard: 22 mm plywood with beech veneer or attested fire resistant, waterproof and non-slip surface; on a request: carpet, PVC, oak mosaic, parquet and many more.
Storage: suggested to store up to 20, one on top of another on a special transport trolley, which is 40 m2 of a stage stored on a space of 2 m2.
Assembly: rectangular aluminium legs are placed in the corner castings with wing screws; a leg is safely installed in a corner thanks to a pressure T-piece.

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