Basen Art Club in Warsaw

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Basen Art Club in Warsaw (previously called MONTOWNIA) – the delivery of stage and auditorium platforms including the stage seats.

At the beginning, our works were focused on alignment of the old pool at a depth of 1 meter below. Due to the fact that often pools’ basin is inclined, to accomplish this task we designed platforms of different sizes and heights as the differences in depth were up to 1,5 m.

When this foundation at the depth of 1 meter below was build, we could mount the stage platforms and platforms for auditorium.

We also provided several hundred Stage Seats that, upon request of the client, were in three different colours.

We used approximately 200 Alu Rapid V stage platforms (100x200cm) and non-standard size platforms including a set of railings, stairs, clamps and bracings. The surface is made of non-slip and waterproof plywood.

Reorganization of the stage and auditorium with the seats takes app. 8 hours.